The Yadkin River in North Carolina

Are you looking for recreational fishing or boating, or just a nice river to sit next to? Head for the Yadkin River in North Carolina. The Yadkin River flows for just over 203 miles. It’s one of the longest rivers in North Carolina.

Looking for a place to fish? In the upper portions of the river the fish range from trout to a wide variety of pan and sunfish. As the river widens along its path anglers can fish for everything from assorted bass to catfish and more. The Yadkin River is also dotted with dams which improve the recreational activities for fishermen as well as boaters.

Are you ready for some fun stuff? The Yadkin River is long… for North Carolina. As stated it’s about 215 miles. Just don’t compare it to the Mighty Mississippi which is 2,340 miles. Wait; maybe it should be the Mighty Missouri River which is 2,540 miles long.

How about this fun fact; The Yadkin River has two names. The name switches to the Pee Dee River below Lake Tillery. If you add in the length of the Pee Dee River, which is 230 miles the length expands to 433 miles. Another neat fact is that the river system starts in the Blue Ridge Mountains and continues into South Carolina all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Yadkin River offers visitors a wide variety of recreational activities and provides an economic impact to several counties and cities. All that being said, it’s a nice little river to drop a fishing line, paddle a canoe or go tubing behind a power boat in one of the lakes or reservoirs.

The Yadkin River in North Carolina