Land For Sale Near Big Ridge

A pleasant 2 hour drive from is Big Ridge, which is hidden in the Eastern Carolina Piedmont range. Towering towards to the 486 foot level in elevation it is the 61st highest peak in the Eastern Carolina Piedmont mountains. Experiencing retirement at the gated mountain community of Grand View Peaks plants your retirement days in the midst of the hot spots of the NC mountains, abounding with like minded active adults and retirement communities.

Big Ridge has events to offer retirees. Whether you are searching for a short stroll or you simply want to enjoy the wildlife, the ecosystem is easy to all physical abilities. Take off mountian biking when it suits your schedule or take in the educational experience of official workshops. Plan a couple of days or stay for longer and fully peruse the views. No matter what style of travel plans you and your wife have selected, Big Ridge is a must see that should be checked out.

The trip to Big Ridge in the Eastern Carolina Piedmont Range, is well worth the trek since both local families and the state parks department have accomplished to foster a adult loving park. There are plenty of markets and eateries to enjoy at the lowest point of the mountain after the campaign up. You might wait for drinks and gaze some of the gifts being sold by close by woodworkers and retirees. If you are planning a campaign at the area as part of a expanded trip, there are a multitude of washed and well managed cabins in the town where you can prepare a log cabin home and take your sweet time traversing. The locality makes available the greatest excuse to exploit miles of hiking roads and the numerous brooks and creeks that weave their form round the ranges.

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